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Mindcreek is a full service information technology firm that provides the IT solutions for all our clients. The majority of our clients are healthcare providers. Review some of the services we can offer your company.

Mindcreek has a dedicated help desk for all of your IT needs. Each employee will have access to call or email the help desk for

We monitor and manage our clients’ network to ensure security and efficiency. Our network technicians are experienced at designing and managing large networks.  Some of

From Procurement to deployment, we support and manage the day to day operations of over 60 servers Utilizing our Business Sync remote backup we provide the

Mindcreek has a proven system to implement the HIPAA guidelines into your business. We help our clients implement and maintain the necessary policies to meet

Mindcreek is actively involved with designing and supporting numerous interfaces. We have technicians with decades of experience in designing interfaces for the following Electronic Medical

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Our wide scope of expertise allows us to help miscellaneous types of businesses in any given niche, regardless of it being a software or a hardware failure issue…

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